Registration 2018 completed

MUSIC CAMPUS BALCHIK is a platform for meetings and training of young musicians.

Patronage: Association "Culture at the border" and State Culture Institute "Culture Center Dvoreca".

With the kindly support of private donators, Wyler Andersson Foundation and ConzaFoundation CMYK Blaupunkt.
dummytutti-NympheumStefan-Syon-2Sakurs-Beste-1Michael-ProbeQKONZERTJone-LiliaAurelian teachingAndrea-BaharAl-Stefan SamardzhievDEATIL-2Get together-2tutti-nympheum-2PROBE-1Nach der ProbeBeste-Nauma-BaharBAHARAl-Aureliam-Stefan
Photos by Adrian Grosaru