Signs of Sound

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In the works of Stela Vasileva figurative compositions alternate, in the form of drawings and experiments, with abstract images based on lights, colours and spaces. One of her latest projects transforms the visual atmosphere in a Sofia Metro station - with a delicate intervention in the lighting she recreates the warm colour range of the rainbow in the underground space. In some of her earlier installations, the artist uses mirror surfaces to stretch the limits of the art work to infinity. The logical continuation of this tendency in her work is to see the reflecting surface become an element of the form.
In the Signs of Sound exhibition, the concept of the reflection now acts together with other basic concepts in art history such as the depiction of light, movement and sound. The installation is based on three-dimensional geometrical objects with forms that copy various sound waves. There is no element of a narrative, the purpose being not to re-create a melody but to have the waves match certain tones only. Thus, the work corresponds to the abstraction not only in form but also in meaning, and is far from being designed as sound art. Traditionally, abstract art originates either from the form itself or from synthesizing nature. However, Stela Vasileva re-creates the linguistic forms of music, the least visual of all arts. The starting material is intended to mean a sound, and the same logic applies in the geometrically reproduced linguistic concepts of reflection, movement, and wave.

Daniela Radeva